Tips for settling in your new Orange County home


    Congratulations you made it to your new home! Days that you spent planning your move have finally paid off. You and your family are ready for your new life in Orange County. In the beginning, you are probably going to feel overwhelmed by all the aspects of your move. Discovering the city with your family is a great way to relax. However, before you go and discover the city it’s time to unpack everything that you got from moving help Los Angeles.  If you want to know our top tips for settling in your new Orange County home continue on riding.

    Don’t pressure yourself to finish everything on the day you arrive

    Don’t pressure yourself to get everything done the same day. If you arrived late in the day take your time to rest. You can start sorting out the most essential and finish the rest tomorrow. Once you and your family have rested, check that the gas and electricity are working and that the hot water system is on. Locate your prepackaged essential kit. This should contain all the essentials for your first night’s sleep, including toiletries, a change of clothes, bed linens, and a few basic kitchen items.

    Happy family settling in their new Orange County home.
    Take your time when settling into your new Orange County home.

    Who wants to cook after a long day of moving? This is the perfect time to order take-out and enjoy it with your family. Set up the beds while awaiting delivery, using the linens from your essential kit. That way everyone can get to bed after dinner if it’s been a trying day. Also bring a household kit with a few rags, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, and a household product for emergencies. The big cleaning will wait for the end of the boxes! Furthermore, when the moving services Los Angeles professionals arrive, make sure that all the boxes are there.

    The first step after you move into your new home is to unpack

    You are in your new home surrounded by randomly placed cardboard boxes and furniture, and you are probably feeling physically and emotionally drained. Take a few minutes, regroup and make a plan. Since you hired packing service Los Angeles to pack all your belongings everything is labeled and easy to find. Start to unpack the main kitchen and bathroom items so that normal household functions can begin. Ideally, your movers will have placed essential furniture items such as sofas and dining tables in preset positions. Otherwise, put them in place so that you have a place to rest.

    happy family surrounded by boxes
    Take your time to unpack, it will make settling in your new Orange County home a lot more comfortable

    It is a good idea to unpack the most important items first. While the temptation to open up all your boxes and stack books, CDs, and decorative items, that residential movers Los Angeles brought intact, can be overwhelming to wait until the shelves or cupboards assigned to them are in place. If you do it now you will just be creating chaos. Unpacking fragile items will be safer when much of the unpacking process has been completed.

    Decorating is one of the best ways to settle in your new Orange County home

    Once you move to your home in O.C. California, start decorating it to make it feel cozier. Simple decorative changes can transform a space. It could be new lighting, curtains or blinds, artwork, plants, rugs, or cushions. A new home is a new beginning. For this reason, make it an environment that reflects your personal style and meets your needs. Think about that set of mugs that you always dreamt of and get them; they will look perfect on your new coffee table. Moreover, if you want to take your transformation a step further by embarking on more extensive renovations. Some of the things you can do to renovate your home are:

    • paint the walls and other finishes,
    • install prefabricated flooring,
    • design your front yard and your back yard.
    feet in white socks showing from the cardboard box
    Take your kids for a walk to their new neighborhood to help them get familiar with the new area.

    Spending extra time with your kids will help with settling in your new Orange County home

    Even older children may need time to adjust to your new home. It is important to talk to your children about the way they feel about the transition. Take them for a walk in their new neighborhood so they can familiarize themselves with the local parks, playgrounds, and shops. Set up their bedroom as soon as possible so that they can safely relax and feel comfortable. You should be aware that they may be upset to leave their friends, school, or job. Try to maintain family rituals to help maintain a sense of continuity with life in your old home. Make time in your schedule to spend time with your kids. Have a game night with them, or watch movies together, this will help them settle into their new home faster.

    Get to know your neighborhood

    Introduce yourself to your neighbors and invite them to your house warming party. If they have kids of the same age it is going to be perfect for your kids. They can spend time together and play sports, it will make them occupied and think less of their friends back home. Go and check the nearby supermarkets, hairdressers, cafes, etc. All of these little things will help you adjust more easily to the change of home, which can also be difficult to go through at times.

    Take your time to settle into your new Orange County home

    A move-in is a new beginning, you might as well take it as such. Once in the new home, not everything will be ready on the first day. The most important is that all your belongings arrived with moving companies Orange County. Moreover, you might as well tell yourself that these few camping-style days are a way to break the routine! Settling in your new Orange County home is also the perfect opportunity to have a housewarming party an important tradition to support the feeling of being at home and to introduce it to those who are dear to you.


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