Packing kitchen cabinets made easy


    Opening a kitchen cabinet can be a real adventure. Oftentimes, it seems like a treasure hunt, right? What is out of sight is often out of a mind. But often, when you try to pull out one sheet pan, you hear a noise of crashing metal lids and pots. Can packing kitchen cabinets be easy? Yes, if you have some professional help. If you live in the LA area, ask movers and packers Los Angeles to help you with that. They will show you some organizational tricks and how to get rid of clutter anxiety.

    Hiring movers is always a good choice

    Whether you decided to relocate or to rearrange your home or office space, you will benefit from using moving services Los Angeles. Not only that they can move your things, but they can also help you in organizing that event and even more. Among many services, they offer packing and you will find it very helpful if you have no time or skill to do that by yourself.

    Be aware that if you choose to hire movers and use packing service Los Angeles based, you will have to pay extra. But the benefit of time is so priceless. Just as it is the knowledge that all your beautiful belongings will come safely where you want them to be.

    How to start packing kitchen cabinets

    Sometimes, people change an apartment but stay close, in the same area. And yes, a new beginning is easier if you are in a familiar neighborhood in LA, but you still have to transfer all your stuff. Residential movers Los Angeles will help you do that all. Moving is actually just the perfect opportunity to pack your kitchen. We are here to give you some ideas on where to start packing kitchen cabinets.

    white dining table and chairs
    Packing kitchen cabinets can be a challenging thing.

    Organize cabinets

    If you just put everything in your cabinets, you will fill them so quickly. And you will never be able to find what you need. So, be smart, and start with some good old organization. Break all the items into categories. Every small item can be put in a basket where it belongs. For example, you can have a basket for spices, the other one for sweets. And you can even go a step further and put a label on each basket.

    white wooden kitchen- packing kitchen cabinets
    You have to start with the organization.

    Pull out cabinets

    However big or small your kitchen is, using pull-out cabinets will make it chick and practical. Nowadays many kitchens are designed with that kind of shelves, because of their practicality. You can use one of those for spices, and some other dry goods. The other is for some cooking essentials that you just use all the time. And one for oils and some liquid stuff. Make sure to also organize your pull-out cabinets by categories.

    Declutter your cleaning supplies

    Cleaning products are one of those things we all tend to have too much. Also, they are oftentimes put somewhere behind everything else, since they are not beautiful enough to stan on the front row. That is often the reason we just don’t use them. Or at least, we don’t use them all. Spray bottles are so easy to use, so use a server to put those on them, and then sponges and towels you use often.

    Exposed shelves

    It is a difference between exposed and closed shelves. As much as exposed are so beautiful, have in mind that they will ask from you some additional time. They look pretty only if everything is just in the right place. On the other hand, having exposed shelves will always inspire you to get everything clean and orderly. As much as it looks easier to just close the door on the closet shelves, that makes us looser and we all tend to neglect those spaces. That’s why the mess sneaks quickly to our kitchen cabinets.

    a woman washing hands
    Bothe open and closed shelves have pros and cons.

    Vertical separators when packing kitchen cabinets

    Some ideas for using space when packing kitchen cabinets are just genius. We’ve already shared the importance of putting things in different boxes. However, there are some spaces that are just hard to use completely. These are cabinets of great height. It is so challenging to use them totally, just because if you put one thing on top of the other, it can happen that everything collapses. Or, that you have to move almost everything every time you need something from there. Using vertical slot separators is a game-changer for spaces like that. This way it will be so much easier to grab everything you need. And all other stuff will remain in the same place.

    Use the back of the cabinets

    If you really want to use the whole of your cabinets, we suggest you think about how you can use the back of cabinets. This can be used only on the back of the door where you access it easily and you have enough space to hang things. Try to find a way to use it well, too. You can maybe put there a key holder or even a bulletin board. Add some hooks to hang measuring cups that you use often. That way they will stay within your reach.

    Packing kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be hard

    We do hope that we gave you enough ideas on how to organize your kitchen. Packing kitchen cabinets can be easy and fun. Once you find the right place for an item, just try to keep it there. Putting it back in place every time will require some minimal effort. In return, your kitchen will stay tidy. And more importantly, you will know where your stuff is, at any time. It is so easy to slip on this until it becomes a habit. So make sure to stay to your plan. After a while, you will catch yourself putting things back in place without thinking of it. Your body will get used to this habit and you will find joy in always a clean kitchen. In no time, you will be an example for others, and even a person who is giving tips on organizing kitchen cabinets.


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