Most common moving mistakes you want to avoid


    Moving can be really challenging. So many tasks often need to be done at the same time. You start juggling with them, trying to get them all done and that is the moment when the most common moving mistakes start happening. You might forget to get a tape or you maybe didn’t do enough research on the moving company. Either way, it is easy to make a mistake, and naturally, we tend to stress over it. You can avoid most of those moving mistakes with a good plan and research. Also finding reliable reliable movers like Simple Moving is essential. Not only it will make everything easier, but it will also save you a lot of money and time.

    Not starting to plan on time is an usual moving mistake

    People often underestimate how much time they need to organize the whole relocation. One of the common relocation mistakes is that people usually start planning everything in the last couple of weeks or even days. And that makes everything even more challenging. Finding reliable local movers Los Angeles, or finding a desirable moving date becomes a mission impossible. The ideal solution for this common moving mistake is that you start planning your relocation as soon as you decide to move. Even if it is a couple of months ahead, depending on the type of your relocation – start! Start by doing something simple – creating a moving checklist or researching moving companies.

    person checking time on wrist watch
    Start planning your relocation on time to avoid the most common moving mistakes

    You didn’t do research on a moving company

    One of the common relocation mistakes is that people don’t do their research on the moving company they want to hire. Usually, we are attracted by the price and if the price is too low it would be wise to do thorough research on that moving company. That way, you will avoid a lot of possible unwanted moving expenses and you can be sure that your belongings will be safe. Also, there are a lot of different websites that check moving companies and give you their honest opinion. Read reviews, ask around and make sure that you only hire the best to help you relocate.

    One of the most common moving mistakes is that people don’t ask for help

    Although asking for help sometimes might be hard, it is much better than trying to handle everything on your own. Moving is stressful, and challenging. And having someone by your side will only help you. If you want to have a successful and easy relocation ask your friends or family for help if you feel overwhelmed. If you are stressed and you have a lot of tasks in front of you, it is better to ask for help than to try to get them all done by yourself and potentially cause more issues. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you are over your head and that you need help, and there is no shame in it. You can even make this a fun activity with pizza or a movie once everything is done.

    Packing takes time

    One of the tasks where moving mistakes are the most common is packing. People usually underestimate how much time they will need to pack everything, and more importantly how many moving supplies they will need. One of the usual moving mistakes is that people start packing just a couple of days before the moving date. And they end up packing in a hurry and just throwing all of their belongings into the boxes. if you feel that you need help, you can always choose packing service Los Angeles and hire packers to help you. You will save time and money.

    person surrounded wit moving boxes
    Get enough moving boxes

    On the other hand, if you plan to pack everything by yourself – start early. You can start packing room by room. Starting with the items you do not use on a daily basis. That way, you can slowly work your way to everyday items and kitchen, bathroom, etc. Either way, it will take a lot of time and a lot of patience, so better start early than to end up damaging some of your items.

    Make sure you have enough packing supplies

    In most cases, people don’t get enough packing supplies. They underestimate how many boxes they will need to pack everything. Or they don’t get specialty boxes designed for fragile belongings. It is much safer to get even more packing supplies and then reuse, recycle, repurpose them. Moving boxes can be useful, as well as packing tape. Also, people often make the same relocation mistake – they overpack moving boxes. And they end up with a lot of damaged items. So, it is much better to have more boxes than to risk them breaking and causing damage to your belongings.

    Avoid one of the most common moving mistakes and declutter!

    One of the most common relocation mistakes is that we tend to keep too many things. It can be hard and challenging to say goodbye to some of our belongings, even when they are damaged or broken. And relocation is an ideal moment to declutter your belongings and your home. You are already packing and unpacking all of your items, so you might as well sort them and declutter. One of the best ways to do so is to create piles for recycling, donating, throwing away. That way, you can rather fast sort your belongings. Keep in mind that for example if you are moving long distance and you hire long distance movers Los Angeles you will pay much less for your relocation if you declutter. Motivate yourself and keep your home clutter-free!

    person decluttering their belongings
    Declutter your home before moving

    Keep in mind that making mistakes is ok!

    Even though you can avoid most common moving mistakes – even if you make one, it is okay! You can learn from your mistakes, and correct them next time you are moving. Try not to stress too much over your mistakes, and try to get the best out of them. Try to avoid them next time. After all, making mistakes is part of learning.


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