Interesting facts you did not know about Manhattan Beach


    If you are looking for a nice beach city to move to – Manhattan Beach might just be your top pick. It is a beautiful place to start a new chapter of your life. So what are you waiting for? Get your moving quote from movers Manhattan Beach and schedule your move and relocate to your new home in record time. Very soon you will be admiring the sunset from your balcony. Moreover, to make you more familiar with your new place of residence we have compiled a list of facts you did not know about Manhattan Beach.

    Get to know the city of Manhattan Beach

    In addition to the sublime natural environment of Manhattan Beach, a very extensive beach, and its pretty pier, restored in 1990, also attracts people to move here. It is a very old and perfectly preserved pier, which today is one of the historic monuments of the city. It is situated in southwestern Los Angeles County in California.  Three Beach Cities make up the South Bay, and Manhattan Beach is one of them. Manhattan Beach has a pleasant promenade, ideal for enjoying the ocean breeze when you don’t want to stretch out on the sand. At sunset, it’s the perfect place to have a cocktail as the colors change tones.

    People walking on Manhattan Beach pier
    The weather in Manhattan Beach is almost always sunny

    One of the facts you did not know about Manhattan Beach is how the city got its name

    The most interesting fact is how the city got its name. Well with a simple coin toss in 1901 by a man from New York! George Peck and John Merrill who owned a section of the area each, couldn’t agree on the name, so they decided to toss a coin and the winner was going to decide on the name. Another interesting fact is that the first building was built by Merrill shortly after that in 1901. Furthermore, because of its beauty,  the City of Manhattan Beach has the nickname: the Pearl of the South Bay.

    The weather fact that will make you happy

    For those who are not into rainy weather, we have great news for you! Manhattan Beach receives only 12.7 inches of rain per year! Two times less than San Francisco. You will get only nice weather here. Furthermore, if you need to downsize for your move this information will help you decide which clothes you need to bring with you. No need to bring all your rain boots and raincoats, one of each is more than enough. The fact that the weather is great and without rain, most of the time means that moving services Los Angeles will be able to conduct the move without any difficulties.

    Frequent flyers will love how close the LAX is

    Manhattan Beach is only 5 miles away from the Los Angeles International Airport. It is only a 15 minutes drive from the airport. For those who travel for work a lot, this is very convenient. Also, you can forget those long airport cab rides, no need for that here. Only 15 minutes after you land, you will find yourself relaxing in your beach house.

    The LAX sign
    One of the facts you did not know about Manhattan Beach is that LAX is only minutes away by car.

    The school system here is top-notch

    The information that will make any parent happy is the fact that this city has a top-notch school system. The test scores of Manhattan Beach School District are ranked #3 in California. Furthermore, in 2014 the Beach Reporter newspaper reported that Manhattan Beach more educated residents compared to other Los Angles suburbs.

    Parks are incredible

    There is no need to say that this city has all that you need in order to relax. If the beach and the weather are not enough to convince you to call hourly movers Los Angeles and move here, maybe this next information will. There are a few public parks in Manhattan Beach that will blow your mind with things they have.

    • Polliwog Park – This is the largest and the most popular park in Manhattan Beach. It has a small lake, picnic tables, an open-air amphitheater, a fully equipped playground, restrooms, and a dog area. It is home to Historical Society Red Cottage where the collection of the city artifacts is kept.
    • Marine Avenue Park – This is the place for those who enjoy sports. It has basketball courts, an indoor racket ball facility, and lighted ball fields.
    • Live Oak Park – Also a choice of those who love sports. In this park, you will find ball fields, tennis courts, and a playground.
    people enjoying fireworks after learning facts they did not know about Manhattan Beach
    On the second Sunday of December, you can enjoy the fireworks on the beach.

    Many local events await you in Manhattan Beach

    There are many local events in Manhattan Beach. Moreover, a fun fact that you probably don’t know is that some of those are free. In the summer there are free concerts in Pollywog Park every Sunday. You can enjoy the music with your friends and family during the picnic in the park. In the first week of October, Old Hometown Fair takes place with its beer garden and concerts. This is a more than 50 years old tradition. Additionally, what you don’t know is that this fair raises money for charities and different causes. However, the biggest event is on the second Sunday of December. It’s the Manhattan Beach Holiday Fireworks. This will put you in a festive mood just before Christmas.

    What could you ask for more? Beautiful sunny weather, being close to Los Angeles, peacefulness, and security are things that make Manhattan Beach a dream place. After you have read these facts you did not know about Manhattan Beach, there is only one thing to do: prepare your move with your local movers Los Angeles. Start visualizing your new dream life in this gorgeous city of endless summer.

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