How to survive moving with kids


    Moving is a step that concerns the whole family. It’s already hard enough when we are alone, but with kids, it can get even more complicated. Do we keep them with us while packing and moving? Or do we leave them with their grandparents? There is no right or wrong answer. Whatever your options are do it. However, one thing we can tell you for sure is getting Simple Moving relocation professionals will help you survive moving with kids. To help you out in case this is your first time moving with kids we gathered some tips. Continue on reading to find out how to survive this important day.

    Family packing their kitchen
    Involving your kids in the packing process can be fun.

    To survive moving with kids make sure you prepare them for the move

    After you schedule a moving date with moving services Los Angeles tell your kids about the move. Tell them in advance that you are moving especially if moving involves changing schools. If you are moving locally and it’s not necessary to change schools try to move during school holidays and especially summer holidays, before entering a new class. The move will not disrupt their daily habits. Moreover, they will have enough time to get used to their new home. The easiest way to move successfully with your children is to integrate them as early as possible in the process of finding a new home. Before the move, you can bring them to their new neighborhood so that they can imagine them self’s there.

    Do not forget to involve them in the decoration of their future room. What color do they want for the walls? What kind of furniture? They will project themselves more easily. Involving kids in the planning will make them feel at home. Show them fun places they will have close to them, this will get them excited to move to their new place. Walk around the neighborhood. Go to a nearby park where they can meet new friends. Finally, if you move to be closer to your work, you can emphasize that you will have more time to take care of them in the morning and in the evening after school.

    Involve your kids in the packing process

    Preparing for the move also involves sorting and packing your belongings. Preferably carry out this step with them so that they can easily find clothes and toys in the boxes. Depending on your kid’s age, they can put their things in boxes, or even pack them. This step is reassuring for your kids. Kids will see that their blanket and their favorite toys will accompany them in their future home. You can even ask your kid to carry small boxes to involve him on moving day. Kids feel reassured when they see their things are moving with them too. If your kids are too young to accompany you during the packing process let them draw on the boxes. This will keep them calm and in one place while you pack things up.

    girl drawing on cardbord box as one of techniques to survive moving with kids
    Let your kids draw on the boxes while you handle sorting and packing.

    Make sure to start packing in advance. You will be more relaxed and you will have enough time to spend time with your kids and prepare everything properly. However, if packing is not something you enjoy doing or you don’t have enough time for, opt for packing service Los Angeles. They are professionals with a lot of experience in packing. All your stuff will be in the boxes in no time. You can relax while they take care of everything.

    Hiring professionals will help you survive with kids on a moving day

    The day before your relocation, remember to pack an essential bag.

    • clothes for everyone
    • snacks
    • favorite soft toys and plastic toys
    • toiletries
    • medicines

    You never know what might happen during the move. Always bring the most important things with you. They might spill something on their clothes. Instead of looking through the boxes, you will have a clean change of clothes for everyone at hand. Also, you never know if someone gets hurt you will have band-aids with you.

    a girl in the cardboard box
    Hiring professionals will help you survive moving with kids.

    To avoid stress on a moving day, leave your kids with their grandparents if you can. This operation may be tiring for them, plus you will not have much time to devote to them. Furthermore, local movers Los Angeles can move your things without being disrupted. Having kids around may lead to them getting injured. Moreover, movers will be faster in executing your move since they will not have to worry about accidentally hurting kids while lifting and carrying. You will be entirely concentrated on your relocation and less likely to forget something. However, if you can’t leave your kids with someone, let them play in the garden or in their room. Let movers move everything around them first and then move everything from their designated area. They are more likely to stay calm while playing. Moreover, they will not get stressed by all the people moving things around them.

    After the move

    Arrange your kid’s room as soon as you can. Transitioning to a new place is easier this way. Prepare all their favorite toys and make sure your kids feel comfortable. Their bedroom is essential, but it is also the entire direct environment of your new home that he must tame. If you have time during the week bring your kid’s friends to the new home. They will be happy to show them their new room. This will reassure them and they will see that their habits will remain the same even if their home is different.

    Don’t be scared, you will survive moving with kids. This can be a challenging task but with residential movers Los Angeles by your side you can rest assured that everything will go smoothly.  By following all of these tips, you will allow your kids to see the move as a positive change in their life.


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