How to relocate a small office in Orange County


    Your office move has arrived! You have been planning it for a long time, and it’s finally official. The move is an important and often revealing stage of the development of your business. Even if it seems like a small office move is easy don’t be fooled, it can be as hard as the big office move. To relocate a small office in Orange County be well prepared. You need to ensure the continuity of work during the relocation. When you organize everything well your business will not suffer from the relocation.  For the best and the most professional relocation get movers Orange County to conduct your move. Here is our to-do list concocted just for you to calmly manage this turning point in the life of your business. It’s worth taking a look at this post to make sure you are well prepared before the move begins.

    Share your new address with service providers and clients

    Notify your clients about your address change as soon as possible. Share with them the date of your relocation if you are relocating during the week so they know you are closed on that day. There are a few ways you can let your clients know about the change of office:

    • Updating your Google My Business listing.
    • Sending out an email,
    • Ordering new business cards or flyers,
    • Posting a message on your social media accounts.
    A person packing a box to relocate a small office to Orange County.
    You can relocate a small office in Orange County fast if you start packing in advance.

    After that, cancel your subscriptions, like internet, electricity, gas, insurance, etc., and get a new one for your new Orange County office space. Make a list of things you need new contracts for. This will help you to not forget anything since the contracts are numerous. It would be a shame to arrive on-site without the possibility of lighting or heating the rooms.

    Contact a moving company to help you move a small office in Orange County

    While it is sometimes possible to organize a personal move on your own with the help of friends and family, this possibility seems much less realistic when it comes to relocating an office, even when it’s a small one. It is therefore strongly recommended to use moving services Los Angeles. Make sure to contact the moving company in advance to get the best relocation date. Hiring a moving company is going to make this whole process simple for you. You can concentrate on your work while movers do all the heavy lifting. When you arrive at your new premises you will feel rested and ready to conquer new goals.

    Make an inventory of your equipment before you relocate a small office in Orange County

    After you finish with contracts do the inventory. First, do the inventory of your documents. Check if there are some things that you no longer need and get rid of them, this is a great opportunity to declutter. After the paperwork, comes your equipment, IT and electronics and finally the furniture. Write everything down, items you are keeping for your new premises, and items that you are getting rid of. Do not burden yourself with furniture that you will not use in your new premises.

    a mover packing boxes
    Packing can be exhausting leave it to professionals.

    Take advantage of this moment to do an upstream sorting as well as an inventory of your equipment, especially in IT and electronics. This inventory should, among other things, allow you to list the orders for new equipment needed for your future offices, and facilitate the layout. Anticipate buying back furniture accordingly, and remember that ordering and delivery times can be long. Moreover, inventory will help you determine if all your belongings arrived at your new office with commercial movers Los Angeles. You can make an inventory on a piece of paper or on one of your devices, as long as it contains all your items.

    Start your packing process in advance

    Packing faze is the longest one, that’ why you should start as soon as possible. Packing and transporting small office equipment is probably still the easiest way when moving offices. Start with your documents. Pack those that you don’t need during this period.  Assign each employee to pack their own documents. They can arrange them in the way it’s suitable to them since they are the ones working with them. Don’t forget to label every box before you close them. This will facilitate the unboxing process at your new office. To move your files, prefer using book boxes. Very resistant, they easily support the load of all your papers. Their small size makes it possible to segment the weight of these documents in several moving boxes.

    movers holding a couch
    Hire a moving company to relocate your furniture.

    When you finish with your files move onto small office equipment. Pens, staplers, pencil cases, can fit in small moving boxes. To avoid breaking anything during transport, be sure to wrap your fragile items, such as your coffee cup or your picture frames, in bubble wrap. For electronic appliances, it would be better to put them in their original boxes. If this is no longer possible, you can take a box that matches or could adapt to your different devices. This is a delicate task that needs to be executed with a lot of care. For this reason, we recommend you to contact packing service Los Angeles. Besides, during packing and moving big electronics and furniture you can get injured if you do it alone. You are not as experienced as professional movers. They know which protective materials to use for each item and how to transport it safely.

    Stay calm on your moving day

    Be on time to relocate a small office in Orange County! When you are on time you are more relaxed and will have the wrong time to finish everything you planned for this day. Make sure to eat and hydrate yourself, you need energy. As logical as it may seem many people forget to do it because of the moving day stress. Stay calm and be excited about the new chapter for your business. Moreover, you can rest assured that movers and packers Los Angeles will execute your relocation seamlessly. And don’t forget to congratulate yourself on your new office! After all, this is a big stepping stone in your career.

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