What is the Cost to Hire Movers?

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Budgeting for moves across city or state lines can be hard on a family, and it is important to do research to ensure that you are getting a good price and an efficient move from all the professional service companies you will need to get you to your new home. Our guide to the cost of hiring movers covers all of your important questions, so that you feel good as you contact moving companies for moving cost quotes.

According to the American Moving and Storage Association, the average cost of moving your household to another state is $5,630, using 7,100 pounds of possessions. Comparatively, an in-state move averages about $1,170. However, Worldwide ERC, which is a professional relocations and employee transfer service, says the cost is much higher, reporting an average of $12,459 for an interstate move.

Based on our 9 years of experience, average bill for 1bdr apartment is $595, and 2 bdr apartment is $995.

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